The 12 Days of Christmas

Recently, I was forwarded along a blog to read.  It was a post on the blog called the 12 Gifts of Christmas and in this very short and concise blog post I was challenged to think more broadly about the holidays and what they mean to me.

As many of you know, I live here—and by here I mean on campus in Kenefick Hall. The gift of this fact is there is never a dull moment in my career—it is truly exciting to be apart of your lives.  The flipslide to that, is that I often find myself wrapped up in the college life.  If you didn’t know, finals are right around the corner and the stress level on campus and in Kenefick is, well let’s just say, heightened. So without consciously thinking about it, I have become more stressed too.  Call this my “stress in solidarity” mindset. However, it wasn’t until I read this blog that I was reminded that our lives extend outside of the walls of Kenefick and beyond the boundaries of California street.

Christmas is quickly approaching and this is a call to give back.  “tis the season” right?! Well, while we are getting bombared and bamboozled by doorbuster deals and trending gifts of the season, I want to give in a much different way this christmas season.  So, I am joining Trista Wilson in her challenge to redefine and reclaim in many ways the sprirt of Christmas…

Throughout the 12 days of Christmas I will completing the list outlined on her blog. Check it out here: .  I will document this experience as much as I can.  I plan to do daily twitter pics of my progress.  Follow the hashtag #RDxmaschallenge to watch it.  I will also be posting the challenge of the day at the desk.  Join me, document your giving, and let’s try to make a difference.

The 12 days of Christmas starts on Tuesday.

Oh and by the way, I would be remiss if I didn’t say good luck on finals. Remember to get plenty of rest—easier said then done I know!  But try 🙂

Happy Finals & Happy Holiday




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