CoD: Modern Warfare 3

Many of you gamers must have noticed that a lot of new games have been released lately, but one, in my opinion, surpasses all of the rest. CoD: Modern Warfare 3 tops my list of favorite new releases (definitely beating out Battlefield 3). It is exactly what I wanted. I loved Modern Warfare 2, so I definitely wanted to see a lot of similarities. But, there are just enough differences between the two games to make MW3 unique, too. Many people have complained about how MW2 and MW3 are so similar. Some say that the creators may as well have just put the MW2 cover on MW3. Well, here’s what I have to say about that. As a huge CoD fan, I’d prefer to see a lot of similarities in sequels. Keeping a lot of the parts I like, but adding a few different ideas, too, makes it a perfect game for me. If you are a huge CoD fan, Modern Warfare 3 should have lived up to most of your expectations. Some different things about MW3 are the strike packages, perks, different games types, new maps, etc.
Here are some things I like about MW3. I was excited to see Paris being used in the campaign and multiplayer games. One of my favorite maps is Dome. It’s a small map and most people like those. It’s no Nuketown, but it’s still pretty cool. I also like that I can rank each individual gun. To some people, that may seem annoying, but it’s another attribute about the game that makes it fun. It’s another goal to work on. I like survival mode and that seems to be a big hit with a lot of other people, too. My favorite game type will always be TDM, though. So overall, MW3 lived up to my expectations. If you’re not a fan of it, I hope you’re enjoying BF3 or Skyrim 😉

To all you Kenefick gamers, feel free to come play some MW2, Black Ops, or MW3 with me. Wouldn’t it be sweet to set up a game in the theatre? Let me know!



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