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Food Drive

Food Drive

Thanks everyone who donated food before break!


DR of the Week – Chris Little!

My name is Christopher Little, I was born in Kansas City, Missouri but have lived in Columbia, Missouri my entire life after. I am now a Junior at Creighton, with a major in Psychology and an interest in getting an additional degree in Nursing. In my time at Creighton I have been involved in Inter-Residence Hall Government in Kenefick and McGloin where I worked as a Service and Social Justice Ambassador. I am also a member of Phi Delta Theta for over a year now, which has helped me to push myself socially and academically. Lastly, I have worked the desk at Kenefick since about July, and have enjoyed getting to know all the residents each day I work! Thank you for this honor!

Top 10 Worst Thanksgiving Dishes

How dreadful it is to go to the people who love and care for the most and have to endure the worst dishes ever “all in the name of love”. Well a few of your favorite celebs have spoken & their worst dishes ring true to our worst fears as well. So here’s the top ten dishes mostly hated by your favorite celebs.
1) Cranberry Sauce: voted the worst by Celeb Jennifer Lopez & Husband Marc Anthony So my suggestion to you if you are serving this dish or helping a loved one serve it try spiking it w/ a little Grand Marnier it adds a sweet flavor and takes the bitterness out.
2) Green Bean Casserole: voted the worst by Carrie Underwood although she says she has never tasted the dish before she says just the way it looks makes her want to gag….Ewwww how bout you try a healthier and simpler twist to it by using carmelized shallots, carrots and the green beans.
3) Marshmallow & Sweet Potatoes Melt : voted worse by Sierra Miller has had an issue with marshmallow’s since she was a little girl so there’s no helping you if that is your dilemma but if not then try it with toasted pecans and orange zest so that way you can cut back on one of the two main ingredients.
4) FruitCake: voted worse by Wesley Snipes funny this man said he would rather surrender and begin his prison term before he downs a fruitcake….Umm wonder which type of “FruitCake” he was speaking of!!! Well never the less to put a spin on the ol tradition try a applecake with white chocolate and cream cheese icing.
5) Pumpkin Pie: voted worse by Marie Rodale….lol well good thing this book author never had to write about this ordeal. She says she hates the pie but for some weird reason every thanksgiving her in-laws ask her to bake her famous Martha Stewart Pumpkin Pie so what better way to help you out than to give you Martha’s secret recipe
6) Giblets: voted worst by Jessica Biel as she describes them as toxic critters…..Thats a harsh way of putting food but hey to each is own so if you feel the same way Jessica does then try Stir Fry Giblets with a mango chiptole sauce topped with roasted cashews…Yummy
7) Assorted Jell-O  w/ fruit: voted worse by Yours truly…Okay Okay i know what your thinking i cheated with the celeb haters but what the hell its my blog :-) So lets keep the hard jello off the table sure the colors are nice but the taste is awful if you want to add fruit then why not just make it a damm fruit cocktail. 
 8) Turkey: voted worse by Tom Cruise even though we all know he is a little off his rocker any way with all that scientology jazz lets just say the best way to solve that is to let your dear turkey marinate in your flavor-ite herbs and spices or simply fry it “Cajun style” if you ask me.
9) Turkey Stuffing: voted worse by Terance Samuel Deputy Editor of “The Roots” said mushy bread and an empty carcass isn’t his idea of a celebration..hmmm anything empty on thanksgiving is not good for any of us so lets put a spin to this dish and add a little rosemary, garlic, roasted red peppers and chorizo sausage and you will have a winner.
10) So now that we got that dreadful dinner table looking and tasting its best; make sure you have plenty of wine to go along with the dinner just in case all else fails….Happy Early Turkey Day & Bon Appetit

Elizabeth Lassiter

Desk Receptionist of the Week

Hey Kenefickers! My name is Cori Seckinger and I have been a desk worker for the past three years here at this lovely Kenefick Community! I am a senior, graduating in the spring with a major in Sociology: Criminal Justice Policy and a minor in Women & Gender Studies. I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri and though I love the city lights, nothing is better than country back roads and summer stars 🙂 I am currently the Co-Director for the Creighton Allies Program, which branches off of the Gender and Sexuality Alliance. I am also a proud member of Tri Delta and the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. I have loved my past three years here at Creighton, but cannot wait for graduate school and to explore the world! Enjoy your time here…explore every part of campus, make friends with the squirrels, get involved, and come play a game or two at the desk! I love working at Kenefick because they have the best residents of the sophomore class 🙂 Please feel free to stop by and come visit, the community in this hall is great and I love meeting new people!


Corinne Seckinger

CoD: Modern Warfare 3

Many of you gamers must have noticed that a lot of new games have been released lately, but one, in my opinion, surpasses all of the rest. CoD: Modern Warfare 3 tops my list of favorite new releases (definitely beating out Battlefield 3). It is exactly what I wanted. I loved Modern Warfare 2, so I definitely wanted to see a lot of similarities. But, there are just enough differences between the two games to make MW3 unique, too. Many people have complained about how MW2 and MW3 are so similar. Some say that the creators may as well have just put the MW2 cover on MW3. Well, here’s what I have to say about that. As a huge CoD fan, I’d prefer to see a lot of similarities in sequels. Keeping a lot of the parts I like, but adding a few different ideas, too, makes it a perfect game for me. If you are a huge CoD fan, Modern Warfare 3 should have lived up to most of your expectations. Some different things about MW3 are the strike packages, perks, different games types, new maps, etc.
Here are some things I like about MW3. I was excited to see Paris being used in the campaign and multiplayer games. One of my favorite maps is Dome. It’s a small map and most people like those. It’s no Nuketown, but it’s still pretty cool. I also like that I can rank each individual gun. To some people, that may seem annoying, but it’s another attribute about the game that makes it fun. It’s another goal to work on. I like survival mode and that seems to be a big hit with a lot of other people, too. My favorite game type will always be TDM, though. So overall, MW3 lived up to my expectations. If you’re not a fan of it, I hope you’re enjoying BF3 or Skyrim 😉

To all you Kenefick gamers, feel free to come play some MW2, Black Ops, or MW3 with me. Wouldn’t it be sweet to set up a game in the theatre? Let me know!